Thursday, November 8, 2012

Chinese Dating

When both people in a potential dating relationship are Chinese, they are well aware of Chinese social conventions. However, when one is Chinese and one is from a different background, explanations about Chinese culture and its impact on dating are necessary.

Here are some insights on the Chinese way of thinking:

Chinese women come across as shy and reserved when dating. As such, it is culturally expected for the man to make the first move and exhibit a certain amount of dominance in the relationship. Men are expected to be in a lead role when it comes to relationships. This applies to both initial contact, and every step along the way.

If you are contacted by a Chinese woman on a online dating site always be respectful and polite.

In China, health and salary is something that is a status symbol and you are expected to discuss it the same way you might mention the size of your house or the make of your car.

Most women in China marry at an early age and Chinese men find it a little strange for women to be in their thirty's and still single. Older single women are more likely to jump at a dating opportunity because they are normally shunned by Chinese men to some extent. Divorced women are usually shunned in Chinese society. Widowed women fare a bit better, but not by much. In any event, if you pay attention to widowed or divorced Chinese women on an online dating site, you will likely be very successful.

In China education is very important and Chinese men and women are usually more interested in the education level and degrees one might possess than most cultures are.

Chinese women are taught to value financial status as security for them and their future children. Chinese women are more likely to follow the money rather than their hearts.

Well educated Chinese people can often speak English to some degree. They are likely a lot better at reading and writing it than speaking it, especially if they are still living in China. When you do not use a language orally you cannot develop a good ear for distinguishing the words, nor do you get a chance to be fluent orally. Be ready to accept the fact that there will be more of a spoken language barrier than a written one.

Because of the banning of religion by Mao, entire generations of people in China have grown up without religion in their lives.

In Chinese society, the man is expected to pay for everything on a date, this includes dinner, movies, theatre, snacks and, if needed, taxis.

Always try to be upfront and honest with your intentions as many Chinese people date with the soul purpose of finding a potential spouse, so to avoid any misconception it is wise to make your true intentions known right from the start.

If you are on a first date, you are likely better to suggest a coffee shop or tea house rather than a bar. Chinese people are not big on alcohol and might not be comfortable in a bar setting.

People in China do not make a big deal over punctuality or keeping dates and appointments, so learning the western way of doing things will take a little time, so they might not understand why you are mad or upset.

Chinese people will show that they like you by offering to help you. You will find that they will feel obligated to help with dishes or even help with small bits of maintenance around the house. It is how they show affection.

Chinese people are more aware of their health than most other cultures. They not only take care of their own health, but they will freely offer advice on yours as well. If you are sick, they will show love and respect by offering to help you out.

Chinese people are not into public displays of affection, to the point that you may not even realize that they are in love with you. They are unlikely to say, “I love you”.

Being more aware of Chinese versus Western cultural norms should help you when interacting with Chinese people in general, but especially so in a dating or relationship situation.

I hope this article was helpful to you as well as informative, being tolerant of each others differences makes for a happier relationship so if you are interested in meeting lovely beautiful people with a Chinese background you have reached the right place. Attentive and educated Chinese men and women would love to meet you so just follow the link below.

Asian Dating

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How Not To Improve Your Orgasms

This misadventure happened to me a few years ago, but it is somewhat timeless and is worth mentioning to other people.  Although it was embarrassing at the time, the humor of the situation makes it a story worth telling.

I was going out with a really nice guy that I had met for a few months at that time. We had moved in together, and of course were exclusive with each other. It had got to the point where we were not using condoms anymore. You may tsk tsk our not using condoms in this day and age, but I was on the pill and neither of us had any communicable diseases.  Sex was a big part of our lives. I loved it and so did he.  I had never had oral sex before I met him, and he taught me a lot. But what he really did was get me off really well. God he was good at oral!

Although my boyfriend was great at oral sex, I was not fully happy. You see, he had a problem with conventional sex. He just could not last long enough for me. The oral sex was really a boon to me because he could at least make me come that way, but as soon as he entered me, he was done in about thirty seconds. Oh, I wanted more, if for no other reason than because it just felt so much better for the short time he was in there.

Being somewhat frustrated, and because I would not talk to anybody I knew about it, I felt compelled to take the initiative to correct the problem all by myself.  There was a sex shop in a mall a few blocks from where I lived. One day when my boyfriend was out with his pals playing baseball, I decided to see what they might have to help. When I went in there was nobody there, thank God, and I approached a sales lady and let her know what my problem was.  She smiled and said that it was very common, especially with younger men. She said she had just the thing for me. It was a numbing cream that I would rub on and it would desensitize him so that he would last longer. It sounded like a good idea, so I bought it.

Time seemed to be at a standstill for the rest of the day. I had in my hot little hands the formula that would change my sex life forever. It would move my sex life up about a hundred notches at least! I had been waiting my whole adult life for this! I was going to have the kind of orgasm that would make the gods weep, make the earth stop in its orbit, and make a fifty dollar prostitute jealous!

As I got ready for bed that night, I rubbed some on my pubic area. It wasn't long before I could feel myself reacting to it. As I got into bed, I left no doubt in his mind that I wanted to make love with him. As we kissed and got more amorous, he did what he always did. He started to lick me into a frenzy.

I was waiting for my usual response to his tongue, but something was wrong. It did not feel right! I was just not feeling him like normal. I kept telling him to go faster. Pretty soon I was screaming it! When he tried to reply, he could not talk. It sounded like he had marbles in his mouth. He was totally panicked. He literally flew to the bathroom and rinsed his mouth. He tried water, then mouthwash. Nothing seemed to work. In a desperate measure, he started to wash his mouth with soap, but all that did was make him gag. He still could not talk.  It took about a half hour for everything to settle down enough that he could talk.

He asked me if I knew what had happened.  After I explained my issue, he hung his head a bit and then asked to read the tube. After he read them, he started to shake his head and then looked at me. He asked me if I had read the instructions, and I said no. When he asked my why not, I said that the woman in the store told me what to do. She told me I just had to rub it on.  He said it was unfortunate that I had not read the instructions because then I would have known I was supposed to rub it on his dick rather than on my pussy.  In addition to that little gem, the instructions also had a prohibition on oral sex when using that product.

At first I was mortified. Then I started chuckling. He started to laugh too. Pretty soon we were rolling around the bed laughing so hard that I almost peed. Good thing I did not because we were still stark naked.

Well, I am older and wiser now. As it turns out, that was not my last trip to the sex shop, but let me tell you that from that point on, I was very careful to read the instructions completely before I bought anything.  Life goes on, but my relationship with him did not. His job required him to move, and I was not prepared to jeopardize my career at that point. I guess I was not really all that much in love with him or else I would have left with him I suppose. But I will admit, of all the men I have loved since, he is the only one that I always smile about.

More fun advice stories can be found at the link below:

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

What a Bunch of Bananas

I communicated with a guy online that a friend of mine had given my messenger address to, we chatted for about two months. At that point it just seemed natural for us to meet for lunch to see where our budding relationship might go. He lived quite some distance from me, but agreed to meet me on my turf. He showed up in an old truck (and I mean old) it looked like it had once belonged to “Jed Clampett”!

I greeted him and things started to go downhill even more quickly. He looked like he just came from a construction site, he was completely unkempt and his clothes were dirty, dusty and smelly. He told me that I would have to drive his truck to the restaurant. When I asked why he told me he was afraid that his foot would go through the floor as it was rotted away and he wasn’t sure if the piece of cardboard and duct tape he had placed there would hold.

We went to a small Chinese buffet for lunch. It was nice and the food was quite tasty. My assumption that things were getting better were unfortunately short lived.  After complementing me, he launched on a diatribe of how he was missing three toes on one foot after playing with his dad's loaded rifle as a child. As if that would somehow endear him to me. He then told me that he did not have a job. He had lied to me so I would go out with him. He said he was about to lose his house that I found out wasn't a house at all but a friend's garage. Next this pathetic loser started to cry that he was not good looking enough to attract a girl, he had no job, and no prospects. Rather than beat him about the head and shoulders with a baseball bat like I desperately wanted to, I just bit my tongue and consoled him. I said that he just had to be patient and the right one would come along. It just would not be me. He did not have enough money to pay for my lunch so we had to go dutch; at which point we went to my apartment.

As we stood at my apartment door he remembered that he had bought a gift for me and that he had left it in the truck. He asked me what my favourite colour was and I said it was yellow. He then ran down the hall in excitement. I stood there wondering what in the world could he have bought me that was yellow. Well I soon found out. I was totally stunned when he returned with his yellow gift. A bunch of bananas for crying out loud. I was completely speechless. At this point I was informed that since he had too much to drink, he would have to spend the night. I lost it and screamed at him to get out. He was very reluctant to leave so I did the only thing I could do. I attacked him with my bananas, hurling them at him until he backed up into the hall, then I slammed the door! He screamed at me to let him in, but there was no way that was happening. I told him to take his bananas and go or I would call the police; so he left.

It proved to be a costly date. I had to move and change all my personal online information. My friends never give out my personal information anymore.

I am going to try an online dating site. They guarantee anonymity. Hopefully the guys their can come up with something other than just their bananas to keep me happy.

Online Dating Sites

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Get Away From Me Loser

My name is Brianna and this is my dating story. I couple of years ago, I was recently divorced and really missing men. In short, I was desperately horny. I had been out of the dating picture for quite a while, and was at loose ends as to where to start. My ever helpful sister Darla told me that I should try plentyoffish. Well I told her that eating fish was supposed to be good for a lot of things, but how would that help me get it on with a man. I did not need an aphrodisiac, I needed a dick (mainly because the imitation ones were just not cutting it for me anymore)! She informed me that it was a dating site that I should try and maybe I could meet a nice guy to spend some time with. At first I was against the idea, but gradually I came around. After all, what did I have to loose? BIG MISTAKE!

As it turns out, plentyoffish is a good name for the site. I met some barracudas and a few slimy eels, and even someone that I thought of as pond scum. They should call it plenty of losers.

The first guy that I met in the chat room said tat he liked to walk on beaches (by the way, that is a pickup line on a dating site – guys do not really like to walk on beaches I have found) and he liked to spend time with his children. When I checked his profile, it turns out that he does not have any kids at all, he was just leading me on, so I moved on.

The next man I met in the chat room seemed nice enough. He described himself to me as a trim 35 year old man who had no kids and had been divorced for a few years. He was looking for a serious relationship. When I met the dude in person, he was 65 if he was a day. His hair was all white, and he had quite a beer belly. At least 48 inches! He was dressed all in black. All he was missing was a guitar and he could have passed for an ugly Johnny Cash impersonator. And we all know how pock marked poor old Johnny was. Well I was stuck there with him and time kept dragging on. As soon as I could manage it without seeming rude, I grabbed the first transportation out of there!

The next one spoke in a semi-Ebonics patois, and that is weird considering that he was white and all. All he could talk about was having sex with me. Well I told him if he touched me I was going to scream and call the police. I had to cut and run yet again! So there I was, blocking him on plentyofmorons at the first opportunity.

I talked to Darla and told her that her wonderful dating site, plentyofduds, had not been so good for me in any way. She insisted I give it another go so I did, I started chatting with a guy who seemed to be very sensible, smart and funny so I agreed to go out with him.

He took me to a nice club and as we sat down at the table a few of my friends who also  happened to be there came over to say hello. I invited them to sit with us. After all, they were friends, this was only a get acquainted date and I had no intention of finding myself between the sheets. Maybe it was intuition that had me invite them. I really do not know, but I did not think that there was any harm in it. My date was pissed about it. I guess he had different plans than I did as to how the night would go, and realized that having a crowd would not let him hit the home run he was likely trying to score. He made it known to me that he did not want my friends at the table with us. I disagreed and he started sulking of all things. I could not believe the way he was behaving like a child. In any event, this proved to me that he was not very suave, and it would very likely get in the way at some point. Later, my friends and I were kibitzing around cracking jokes. He honestly seemed not to be following them. He certainly was not laughing much, and when he did it looked forced. In any event, he proved to me that he was not the person that he pretended to be online. Funny how it is that you can pick up on things in person that evade you when chatting online. Needless to say, it was my last date with the bad humor guy!

For the next couple of months, I chatted with a bunch of guys, but they were mostly neanderthals who had trouble stringing a coherent thought together. Certainly, their command of the written word left a lot to be desired. Truly uninspiring. I did not want to meet any of them.  I may not be as young as I once was, but I keep fit with regular hard exercise, and I am totally honest. I expect that any man I partner with to keep themselves actively healthy and not to lie to me. I was concerned that I was just wasting my time because a few more months had gone by with little to show for it. I started to think that plentyoffish should be called plentyofnothing after that old Gershwin tune. I often found myself humming that tune each time I logged in.

So for most of several months I've been spending my time alone, and not by design. That dating site was for the birds. I told my sister “NO MORE” dating sites. I will take my chances at the local bars. I was tired of hanging out at good old plentyoftimewasted.

She told me that she had recently heard of another site that some of her friends had used successfully. If I wanted she said would get me the link that would point me in the right direction. Well I had nothing to lose but more time, and I had scads of that since I did not have any dates. To cut to the chase, I agreed and she got me the link.

So when I went to the site, I was surprised to find that it was not a dating site at all. It was actually a dating review site. It had done a lot of work to select and categorize what it called the top dating sites on the internet. It was really easy to use. I selected a couple of sites and joined. One I had to pay for, and the other I did not have to pay. Within hours I was getting results. I did find that there were a bunch of idiots on them as well, but not quite as many as I was used to tap dancing around. I am now dating a couple of guys, one from each site. They are both nice guys, they are not cheap, they do not do weird things, and I feel great being seen in public with them. What a difference. Finally, my life is going someplace good again!

I may have figured out why it is that I was successful on these sites but not on plentyoffish. I think that the issue is that plentyoffish is free to everybody. Because of that, it attracts a disproportionate amount of losers. I mean, would you want to spend the rest of your life with someone unsuccessful, or someone who is too cheap to pay for something? Unfortunately, free sites tend to attract exactly the types of people who either cannot afford to pay for better (because they are unsuccessful) or else they are too cheap to pay at all. This site that I went to actually has links to sites that are mostly paying sites. In a way, that is an automatic filter on them because unsuccessful people and cheap people tend to stay away from them. I also got a pleasant surprise on several of them when it turned out that women did not have to pay at all. Just the men. As a woman, I have been just as successful on sites where only the men pay as sites where the men and the women have to pay.

So don't go to the wrong type of site. Go to one that will work for you.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dating Date from Hell

 Death Follows For a First Time Meet In Person Date

Sonia Varaschin was killed because she just wanted to meet someone special online.

This worst case scenario emphasizes the inherent risks of meeting people online. In this case, the victim's computer was researched for leads, but the real tragedy is the victim's choice of sites.

When Sonya chose a site like she actually maximized her risks, and I must qualify this.
Although this particular tragedy was centered on plentyoffish, they are not the only risky site on the internet. In fact there are many other free dating sites like, and many, many more who are financed primarily by advertising revenue.  These are not the only sites, but are two of the largest sites in this camp. Many of these sites are not even cognizant of the increased risk that they expose their customers to.

The real concern here is that there is no traceability to individual people in a free dating model which inherently increases risk for all members. Here is why.

There are a lot of freaks and perverts out there. Some are just lacking social skills, but others are sociopaths. It is very possible that the apparently nice guy that you are chatting to on the Internet is actually possessive and abusive in real life. The most dangerous of course are homicidal stalkers. They are the ones most likely to kill someone.

Free dating sites are not the only sites where you can expose yourself to danger.
This range of sites also includes So the next time you accept a friend request from someone that you are not sure you know, think again. About the only thing that protects you from stalkers on facebook is that the friend of the friend you are accepting actually knows one of your friends. But if you and your friends are the types that just click on every friend request in some game to get the most friends on their list, then you are setting up people that you cherish in your life to a lot of hurt.

Social networking sites that require some form of payment before allowing communication are inherently safer. Because it is easy for police to follow the money on such sites, sexual predators stay clear of them.  On the other hand, it only takes them a small amount of time to set up a string of bogus email account on yahoo ,then set up a fake email account on gmail using the yahoo account as reference, then erase the yahoo account.  Now just tie the gmail account to a fictitious email on AOL and it makes it tough to track you.  Smart stalkers use a trail for free emails spanning several countries and corporate entities, thus becoming more invisible.  Once the stalker has a largely untraceable email account on a free service like gmail, then they are free to use it to join all the free communication sites out there.  Coupled with a disposable cell phone purchased in another city, and you have full communication with someone who has just created an untraceable identity.

So what can be done about it?
For starters, stay clear of free dating sites. They  increase your exposure to danger to unacceptable levels.
The rest is just a lot of common sense:
1) Make sure that you talk online a long time before committing to meeting the person in real life. Keep all details about who you really are or where you live private until you know them better.
2) At some point use a disposable phone yourself, or else take advantage of an anonymous phone service, like, which offers a disposable number that lets you talk to strangers without revealing your phone number.
3) Before you commit your heart, make sure you are doing due diligence on this person. Be careful with what you say, and listen carefully to what is said. Consider recording the call so you can take notes after.  Look for irregularities in their stories. Ask for the same information a few different ways over the course of your initial acquaintance and make sure the answers are consistent. Be careful if the answers are not the same. He just might be stalking you. Stalkers will often mix up the stories that they tell different women, and that is one of your best weapons in finding if they are genuine or bullshit.
4) Get a recent picture of them, preferably at an event with signs in the background so you can verify the date. If nothing else, have them hold up a recent newspaper in the photo. If they are interested, they will put up with the apparent paranoia.
5) Be upfront and tell them that you are being careful. Genuine people will likely applaud your apparent paranoia. Be willing to reciprocate. If you are not willing to give up your home town, then use a public library and use a paper from another city in your photo.
6) Meet at a café rather than a bar, meet in the day time, and keep it short. For added security tell your friends where you are and make sure that your date knows this as soon as they arrive.
7) Use your camera phone and MMS it to a few friends. Then tell them what you have done that. If they do not like that, then to bad. But now get out right away!

To make a long story short, use your head before you let yourself lose your heart.

If you are still interested in paid online dating, check out the following link:

Online Dating Sites

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dating Adventures In Cottage Country!

I met a guy on the subway. He usually rode the same car as I did to go to work each morning and  we could talk about just about anything. He was always a perfect gentleman. We both worked down town right across the street from each other so the probability was really high that some day we would meet at the food court when buying lunch.We had only known each other a short time when that day came around. I was eating by myself when he wandered over with his tray and asked if he could sit with me. I agreed and we spent the rest of our lunch hour talking and laughing about almost nothing. I kept looking at him and realized what a nice handsome guy that he was. But as often is the case, looks can be deceiving.

He told me that he was divorced and that he found it a little hard to get back into the dating scene. I agreed as I was also divorced as well so I understood what he was taking about. He said that he was surprised that I was divorced, he said that my ex must have been a moron to let me go. I said that it was nice of him to say that. “Well its true!” he said. “From what I know of you, I would love it if you would go out with me”. So we ended up agreeing to go on a date together.

We had so many things in common. It was inevitable that we very quickly hit it off in a major way.We had both come from somewhat bad relationships so it was to our mutual advantage to try to slow things down as much as possible, even though that was hard to do on my part. As time went on and we began to talk about the next step in our relationship we both confided in each other that we had not engaged in sex with anyone since our divorces. Needless to say, both of us were quite nervous about that. In any event, we decided to make the trek up to his cottage the following weekend for a romantic getaway.

Well the day came and he drove down to my house to pick me up for our romantic weekend get away. As a matter of fact that’s exactly what I should have told him, “GET AWAY”, but like a love starved teenager I had fallen for a handsome face and a sad story. His idea of a cottage certainly did not match mine. It was a real fixer upper all right!  In the end, we had to sleep in a very small tent that he set up. We ate first. It was not much because we had to cook over an open fire, which was not that bad. When we finally crawled into bed I was exhausted. As I stretched out, something moved under my hand. I was looking at the biggest garter snake I had ever seen! I screamed like the girl I was and ran terrified into the night in terror. He ran after me asking what he could do. I told him to get a bigger tent, like the kind a circus uses, and a queen size bed minimum. I told him that the only type of snake I was expecting to see was a trouser snake, and I had hoped it would be a good sized one too.

The next morning I politely packed my things, thanked him for a somewhat interesting evening and told him that I just didn't think it would work. He drove me home without saying a word. I really felt sorry for him but there was nothing else I could do. I had to do what was best for me.

That night my friend told me about a fantastic link she visited that took her to hundreds of great dating sites. Since I had nothing to lose I decided to give it a try.

I had almost given up hope again after several months of being on more than one dating site. I would have quit if my sister and friends did not keep encouraging me. I mean, I had chatted and emailed a bunch of different guys, and had even gone out with a few, but there was just no chemistry. It was at this low point in my online dating adventure that I stumbled onto 'him'. If God had custom built a man for me, he would be it. And who knows, maybe God had. I mean, after all, I had been praying long enough! In any event, it was almost scary how well we seemed to be meshing. We talked online for several weeks and then he gave me his phone number and asked me to give him a call. When I called him he seemed to sound a little familiar but I could not remember where I heard that voice. I could not believe how easy and natural it was for me to talk to him. I mean, by the second phone call we seemed to be completing each others thoughts already. He was just perfect! I was so elated I had that link given to me. It was the best gift ever! I was bouncing around like a teenager. Bubbling with enthusiasm and overjoyed. All my friends noticed and remarked on it!What a joy he brought to my life!

We had a bit of a strange relationship in a way because I had never actually seen a picture of him. Whenever I had broached the subject, he said that he did not take good pictures and that he wanted me to see him face to face first.The day finally came for me to meet my prince charming but something was not quite right when we spoke on the phone the night before. He said he was pretty sure that I would take a powder as soon as I saw him. I was starting to be concerned that the guy looked like Shrek or something! I assured him I would never do that.

Instead of him picking me up, he said that it would be a lot better if I could meet him at his cottage. So we agreed and he gave me directions to his place. Once I was on the road, some things about the scenery seemed familiar to me. Then like a ton of bricks, it hit me. This is where the snake guy lived! Holy Cow! What had I gotten into? I almost turned around and left, but I had given him my word, so I was determined to see it through to the end. He flagged me down a few hundred feet from where I was supposed to meet him. It was him alright! No wonder he had been concerned!

As he walked up to the car, I was scrambling around inside looking for something to deck him with. I finally decided that my purse was the only viable weapon. He caught my hands before I could do anything, told me to calm down and wait to see the rest of his surprise before I reacted. We walked the rest of the way to where we had set up the tent so long ago. I kept looking for snakes, so I was not paying that much attention. When he told me to look up, I was stunned! There standing before me was the most beautiful cottage I had ever seen. He said that he had loved me from the moment he had met me, but realized after that disastrous night that he had to do something extraordinary to get me to consider him again.

He told me he decided to finish the cottage for me first, because I deserved something special and nice. He took out a loan and used all his savings. He did all that just for me! “WOW!” I was overwhelmed. I began to cry to think that someone could care about me so much.

That was several years ago and things are still great between us. We married a year later and life could not be any better for either of us.

So I met the love of my life on a dating site. I know that technically that is not quite true, but it was the dating site that let me see the real person that he was rather than the person I thought I had known before. And if that seems confusing, you would be totally perplexed by the thoughts going around in my head right now as I think about all this. I thank my friend every day for what she did for me. She is truly a once in a lifetime pal.

So if you are in that same lonely situation that I was in, and see no way out, then click the link below. It was my key to happiness, and hopefully it can be yours as well.

Meet The Love of Your Life

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Women Prefer Bad Dudes

So the University of British Columbia (that is in the great white north), did a study of just over 1000 people divided evenly between men and women of all ages, and found some rather surprising results. (American Psychological Association Journal "Emotion")

The study had the people look at pictures of people of the opposite sex who had neutral expressions, looked happy, looked shameful, looked proud, or looked brooding. The participants were asked to rate their attractiveness on a scale of 1 to 9.

All women tended to prefer proud, successful looking men, and younger women also rated shameful and brooding men very highly. Lowest ranked by all women were men who were obviously happy.

Likely women are attracted to successful looking guys because of the security that they represent. With the nurturing nature of most women there is a natural tendency to look for a good provider to hook up with. Brooding bad boys are also quite attractive to younger women because in their hearts, they know they are brooding because they have not found the right woman and assume they will help them overcome that fault.

Bringing this back to our cave man days, a man that was a good provider was a good hunter and had a lot of skins around to keep him warm, thus showing his success. A bad ass dude would be able to take the riches from a good hunter, and thus could also provide. Ideally a good hunter who could kick the ass of any bad dude who tried to rob him would be doubly desirable.

Men dig fun happy women and find proud ladies a turn off. After all, what man in his right mind would want to come home to an uppity know it all.

Women with a shameful expression were also somewhat attractive to men. The shame thing might just be a hint that you have a bit of bad girl in you so they are curious to see just how bad you are.

Taken back to cave man terms, a man spends all his days hunting. He has to keep quiet. He is miserable most of the time and he is full of fly bites. Many days he returns empty handed and is worried about finding more food before they starve. When he gets back to the cave, the last thing he wants to hear about is that there are only berries for supper, what a mess the kids made in the cave and the headache that she has from all their screaming and yelling. And he never wants to hear that it is a good thing she is such a good berry picker because Blurg's lazy wife did not get any berries so he will have no supper.

So what can we derive from this study:

1) For Guys, you want to come across as confident and successful (the pro sports player, or successful entrepreneur).  If you cannot pull that off, and you are after a younger woman, then try for a brooding James Dean / early Marlon Brando sort of look.  In fact, if you can pull off the successful yet brooding and thoughtful man look, you will have females licking at your feet. For both of these looks, to hold onto them past the initial attraction, you do not kowtow to women. In fact, you will likely get your best traction by refusing to dote on them. Treating them like one of the guys is a better approach than treating them like princesses.
2) For Women, you want to be seen as happy go lucky, never complain, and never put your man down.

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