Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dates For Open-Minded Ladies

Once in a while, the universe will smile on a single man and hook him up with an open-minded and adventurous woman in his dating life. This is a woman who is not likely to be singing in the church choir on Sundays if you get my drift.  If you hook up with a lady of this nature, you have to go to crazy places on a regular basis. Here are some suggestions if you’re ever lucky enough to get one of these women to go out with you. Have fun!

Nudie Bar

If your women has any sorts of bi-sexual tendencies, she will likely jump at the chance to go to a strip bar. I mean, she will likely enjoy the action as much as you! She might even buy you a lap dance, and vise-versa! There are some memories to last a lifetime! If you notice that you are getting more attention than usual from the strippers when you are with your girl it is not your imagination. Many strippers dig undressing for other women. Some of them are also bisexual and into threesomes. See if your honey would like to be that kinky. 

A Trip To Your Local Sex Shop

If you’re at the point in your dating relationship with the kinky lady, a great date idea is the adult shop. Go to a bar before the adult shop, and have a drink or two.This will loosen both of you up even more, and by the time you get to the store, you’ll have few inhibitions left. Then you can walk through the aisles and find out what makes her blush. If you see something sexy, tell her you would like to buy it for her. Ask her if there is anything that she wants to get for you? If you are not pushy, you will find that you can easily while away a couple of enjoyable hours. At the end, you might be surprised with what she wants to buy. Just go with it. Be aware that quality sex toys and outfits can put a serious dent in the pocket book. But if there’s anything that is worth the dough, it’s a sex toy!

Role Playing

Sex shop costumes are great for role playing sex. There are lots of cute outfits that are just begging you to slowly take off of her! Most women love it when a man slowly undresses her, and having her reciprocate with you is really cool She can play “Nurse Naughty”, “Sex Teacher”, “Marion the Librarian”, almost anything.

The best way to pick the role to play is to write them all down on separate pieces of paper, and then pick them out of a hat or something.

S&M Parlor

If she is really edgy, you might want to try some BDSM. Best to do this in a BDSM parlor though because they have most of what you need.  Most BDSM is just a show, and not usually painful, so do not be turned off by it.  Do not be afraid to go just because you have never done it before. Most BDSM parlors will help newbies so that they will become regular clientele.

Enough ideas. I will stop now before I bore you. In the off season, most Halloween shops have  sexy costumes to rent as well, so you do not have to have a huge closet full of clothes You may want to even try a murder mystery night out. The right mystery might have you participating in interesting ways. The key is to make it fun, interesting, and above all KINKY!

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